Documentation: Datasets

This page documents the pattern to use to link to a dataset. You don't need to link to every open dataset, just ones that are useful for autodiscovery. If you have lots of datasets then link to a dataset cataglouge rather than list everything.


The examples on this page require the following prefixes to be defined at the top of your OPD:

@prefix oo: <>. @prefix dcterms: <> .


<DATASET-URL> oo:organization <ORG-URI> ; oo:contact <mailto:CONTACT-EMAIL> ; oo:corrections <mailto:CORRECTIONS-EMAIL> ; dcterms:subject <> ; dcterms:conformsTo <CONFIRMS-URL> ; dcterms:license <LICENSE-URL> .

Recommended/example URI's' for different datasets

Equipment/Facility Datasets


This descibes what the dataset is about with some example url:


This descibes what the file format of the dataset is:

An example equipment dataset
<> oo:organization <> ; oo:corrections <> ; oo:contact <> ; dcterms:subject <> ; dcterms:conformsTo <> ; dcterms:license <> .

Reasearch Outputs Datasets

Research output datasets use <> to descibe that they are a reasearch outputs dataset. and the most common format (dcterms:conformsTo) is a OAI-PMH endpoint with the uri <> For example:

<> dcterms:conformsTo <> ; dcterms:license <> ; dcterms:subject <> ; oo:contact <> ; oo:corrections <> ; oo:organization <> .


This descibes the license for the dataset: